NSST Summer 2024

11 & Over Gold

11 & Over Gold Coaches


USA Swimming

11 & Over swimmers will also have the opportunity to swim in local USA Swimming meets.

Please use the link below for more information.

Practice Information

The 11 & Over Gold practice level is for swimmers in the 11 & over age group who have advanced aquatic abilities.

Age Groups will be based on swimmers season age.

This practice will be broken up into at least 3 practice groups by ability.

Swimmers will only be allowed to swim in their specific practices, no exceptions.

Practice Expectation

This practice level is for high level swimmers who are committed to showing up and working hard every day.

All practices in this level are required.

If you are going to miss practice you must communicate with the coaches through the Spond app as soon as you know you are going to miss.

Failure to meet these requirements could result in being moved to the green practice level.

In Water Practice Information

11 & Over Gold swimmers will have both AM and PM practices and will have practices at North (25 yard) and Birdland pool (50 Meter) each week. Please check the schedule and practice location to make sure you go to the correct location.

Dryland Practice Information

11 & Over Gold swimmers will have dryland practice two days a week.

Meet Information

Swimmers will have the opportunity to swim in meets during the season. 

Swimmers will swim in events based on their age group and seeded based on their ability.

Age groups will be based on swimmers season age.

Coaches will evaluate swimmers ability and choose events for the swimmer that fit their current skill level. 

Coaches will push swimmers to try new events when they are ready.

For information on all meets, please use the button below.

11 & Over Gold Practice Schedule

NSST Summer 2024: Gold Practice Schedule