NSST Summer 2024

10 & Under

Practice Information

The 10 & Under practice level is for all swimmers in the 10 & Under age groups who:

Age groups will be based on swimmers season age.

This practice will be divided, by ability, into three practice groups.

Swimmers will only be allowed to swim in their specific practices, no exceptions.

Dryland Practice Information

10 & Under swimmers will have dryland practice two days a week once school is out.

Meet Information

Swimmers will have the opportunity to swim in meets during the season. 

Swimmers will swim in events based on their age group and seeded based on their ability.

Age groups will be based on swimmers season age.

Coaches will evaluate swimmers ability and choose events for the swimmer that fit their current skill level. 

Coaches will push swimmers to try new events when they are ready.

For information on all meets, please use the button below.

10 & Under Practice Schedule

NSST Summer 2024: 10 & Under Schedule