NSST Winter 2022-23 

Registration Process

Step 1: Complete the Online Parents Meeting, available at the links below.

Step 2: Complete the Pre-Registration Form once you have completed the Online Parents Meeting. By completing this form, you are reserving your swimmers spot on the team.  Some things to note:

Step 3: Create a USA Swimming account and complete the USA Swimming Registration with the link provided in your registration email.

Below is information regarding each type of registration as well as the links to the Online Parents Meeting.

Returning Swimmers

Swimmers who swam during the 2021-22 winter season and/or the 2022 summer season are considered returning swimmers.

New North/Hoover/Saydel Feeder Swimmers

We are a feeder program for North/Saydel High School Swimming as well as Hoover High School Swimming. Preference is given to athletes who attend schools in these districts.

New Swimmers

Any other new swimmer who attends a DMPS or Non-DMPS School.

Registration opens Thursday, October 13

Registration opens Friday, October 14

Registration opens Saturday, October 15

Current General Registration fees:

NHS/HHS/SHS Feeder Student

$170 + Current USA Swimming Membership

DMPS Student

$180 + Current USA Swimming Membership

Non-DMPS Student

$190 + Current USA Swimming Membership

Registration Fee

USA Swimming Fee