NSST Winter 2022-23

Practice Levels & Workout Groups

  • Practices will be divided into four practice levels based on age group.

    • Each level will be based on swimmers season age and ability.

    • Season age is determined by our age up date of March 4, 2023.

    • Each practice group will have a limited number of swimmers. Groups CAN and WILL fill up so register early.

  • Each level will be divided into three practice groups by ability.

  • Swimmers will be assigned to their practice level based on their age and ability, unless they have the following:

      • not swam in a meet

      • are not comfortable swimming full lengths of the pool

      • are not capable of swimming at least two competitive strokes

    • If the above items are the case, swimmers will be assigned to the Beginner practice group.

Practices can not go over the maximum capacity at any time, no exceptions. Swimmers will only be allowed to swim in their specific practice groups/times.