NSST Summer 2022

Practice Levels & Workout Groups

Due to social distancing guidelines, we have re-imagined our practice structure.

  • Practices will be divided into 5 practice levels based on age and ability.

    • Each level will be based on swimmers season age and ability.

    • Season age is determined by our age up date of July 16, 2022.

  • Each practice group will have a limited number of swimmers. Groups CAN and WILL fill up so register early.

  • Each level will be divided into at least three practice groups by ability.

  • Swimmers will be assigned to their age group practice unless they:

      • have not swam in a meet, or

      • are not comfortable swimming full lengths of the pool, repeatedly.

      • are not capable in at least two competitive strokes

    • If the above items are the case, swimmers will be assigned to the beginner practice group.

Swimmers will only be allowed to swim in their specific practice groups/times.